As I sit right here considering buying and selling in my 15-year-old-plus, full-size V8 truck, I’m as soon as once more reminded of absolutely the madness of my beloved dwelling state’s tax system. The identical state that’s going to present cash away to encourage electrical car gross sales additionally imposes a yearly surcharge to license these autos. Why? Due to the completely haywire method we tax folks, which is dependent upon heavy gasoline taxes, amongst different issues. We’ve a plethora of green-energy initiatives, guidelines and legal guidelines on this state, and we’re punishing EV customers.

Dental floss. Toothpaste. Bathroom paper. Nutritional vitamins. All taxed, and the very best proportion borne by the poor. Marijuana is taxed at 37%, whereas pipe tobacco is taxed at 95%. When was the final time you heard of a pipe tobacco-related DUI? Soda, alcohol, tobacco … all of the low-hanging fruit as a result of saying “earnings tax” is like yelling fireplace in a crowded theater in case you are an elected official.

Sufficient of this nonsense. It’s time to overtake Washington’s regressive, punitive and patchwork tax system. Or perhaps simply preserve your massive fossil gasoline autos.

Tom Pacher, Freeland

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